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Jiangyin city Wei Xiang machinery manufacturing company specializing in the production of pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, is set research, development, production, sales in the professional integration of pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers, Wei Xiang end to innovation as the core, promote original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and innovation, constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, for you to create high-quality, high performance, cost-effective personalized products.

Wei Cheung is about to usher in the 2013 new year, in the new year we will continue to pursue a faster, higher, stronger development concept. Reviewing the past, we are proud of: give the market to provide satisfactory products; looking to the future, our future and the future is full of confidence and strength, and the determination to deliver the goods, continue to maintain and carry forward the spirit of carve, keep on carving to climb new peak of development. We believe that: only look at the society as a whole, is likely to succeed; only the love of dedication to the market, his life and career with real significance.

" Yesterday the results created today's brilliant, brilliant today is tomorrow's starting point ". Wei Xiang people deeply remember " is created in China, a hundred years to build brand " business philosophy, always to uplifting spirit, overcome difficult courage, always maintain a drive, a passion, a bit not relax the spirit of struggle, responsibility, actively pull rod high standard, improve the quality of, to create pharmaceutical machinery industry leaders. I wish to take this opportunity to our customers and partners trust and support to express my sincere gratitude, and thank all staff of the company and social all circles to Wei Xiang contribution, and a great help to. Wei Xiang will always be your friend, let us join hands to create brilliant.

Wei Xiang, manufacturing industry miracle starts from here, new enterprises takeoff from Wei Xiang!

General manager: Wang Weidong